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Epigeneron is actively pursuing business collaborations with pharmaceutical, diagnostics, clinical testing lab and breeding/synthetic biology companies to contribute to those partners in creating new business value by providing our novel technical solutions utilizing ORNi-PCR.

Examples of areas that we are focusing on are:

Genome editing
Detection of a small number of gene-edited cells in a significant number of wild-type cells is one of the greatest concerns in the area. ORNi-PCR enables specific amplification of the target genomic regions in gene-edited cells.
Liquid biopsy
Liquid biopsy is the non-invasive diagnostic approach involving the isolation and analysis of circulating tumor markers from peripheral blood. While NGS is used to analyze such tumor markers, ORNi-PCR is adapted to the application for more sensitivity and simpler testing.
Higher sensitivity and precision in NGS analysis
ORNi-PCR enables cost-effective NGS analysis with higher sensitivity and precision by suppressing the amplification of specific DNA sequences.

Examples of collaborations

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